Festool 571011 Shinex RAP 150-21 FE Rotary Polisher


The Shinex RAP 150-21 is our high-speed, low-torque polisher with variable speed up to 2100 RPM (for most common polishing applications with wood, paint, & automotive).

To view our low-speed, high-torque polisher see the Shinex RAP 150-14 with variable speed up to 1400 RPM (for aggressive polishing in automotive applications).


The aim of every Festool power tool is to make your day-to-day work better and more effective. With this in mind, Festool worked closely with specialists in the woodworking, painting, & automotive trades to bring you the new SHINEX Rotary Polisher. Careful attention to ergonomics and gripping options, combined with light weight and well-balanced weight distribution, make tool guidance easy and secure, especially during extended use. Variable speed allows you to perfectly adjust the tool'€™s output for the job at hand. Festool offers a comprehensive selection of polishing pads, felts, sheepskin and polishing compounds to complement the SHINEX.


All-purpose genius

  • Work longer with ergonomic handling and light weight
  • Accelerator switch, speed pre-selection, controlled speed, smooth start-up
  • Temperature-dependent overload protection
  • Can take heavy loading because of its 2-speed motor
  • Cooling element keeps handle from getting hot

Main areas of use

  • Polishing different surfaces: paintwork, mineral materials, etc.
  • For horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Working on awkward, curved spots where a high coverage capacity is also required
  • Maximum speed of 2100 rpm

Technical data

Power consumption 1200 W
Idle engine speed 900-2100 min⁻¹
Maximum polishing pad Ø 150 mm
Spindle thread M14
Weight 2.1 kg