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Snickers U9110 Craftsmen Kneepads

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Kneepads designed for advanced knee protection for work that involves kneeling. Ideal to mitigate strain in daily use, a lightweight design and flexible construction in this durable knee protection provides everyday working comfort.

Lightweight kneepads featuring advanced knee protection and a comfortable fit. With an EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 rating, the pads have been specifically designed for frequent kneeling in mobile work environments, guarding against pebbles and various debris on the floor. EVA material allows for a lightweight and flexible construction to ensure the kneepads are comfortable and easy to wear. In addition, a soft interior conforms to the knee, keeping the kneepads in place and distributing the pressure evenly while kneeling.

37.5® Technology
In fabrics with 37.5® technology, patented natural active particles permanently embedded at the fiber level capture and release moisture vapor. By actively responding to body heat, the material speeds up the conversion of liquid to vapor keeping you dry and perfectly comfortable.

37.5® technology for enhanced moisture management
• EN 14404 Type 2 Level 1 knee protection
• EVA construction
• Lightweight and flexible design

Material: 50% EVA, 50% polyethylene.

Size: One Size

Made In: Sweden

Care Instructions:
• Hand Wash
• Do not bleach
• Do not tumble dry
• Do not iron 
• Do not dry clean