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Cabinet/Furniture Creator Pack

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Introducing our new PACKS!

Building furniture, cabinets, and other fine woodworking requires precision and consistency. Achieve the best results whether sawing, routing, joining, or sanding, while maintaining a clean work environment with the Festool System. Work confidently knowing that Festool has decades of experience providing power tool solutions that are tried-and-tested with industry-leading quality, advanced design and ergonomics, and maximum versatility.

Sawing - Power and precision in the palm of your hand 

This is where it starts for so many.  The award-winning Track Saws.  Considering what these combined tools make possible, it’s easy to see why.  After taking one decisive leap into our world of precision, other tools seem antiquated by comparison.  If you like the idea of glue-ready cuts with no splinters – or carving up sheet goods faster from any angle, without lugging 75 lbs of material up to the table – our Track Saws represent a smarter way of working.

Routers & Joinery - The evolution of routing and joining

Whether trimming laminate, making heavy cuts in hard maple or putting a decorative edge on a solid surface material, our routers surpass the most demanding requirements.  But even more impressive is the versatility, accuracy, and ergonomic comfort and control present across the lineup. Couple our routers with a CT Dust Extractor or FS Guide Rail to experience an incomparable system working at all levels.

Sanding - Over 50 years of sanding expertise

When we say the Festool sanding lineup is complete, we’re not just talking about the tools – but a full system including abrasives, pads, dust extraction and accessories.  The multifunction Rotex epitomizes the strength of this strategy.  Move from aggressive material removal to fine sanding to polishing with the push of a button.  Characteristically, Festool has gone to great lengths to design sanders, accessories, and abrasives that work seamlessly as a system, resulting in nearly dust-free operation, low vibration, longer service life, and, of course, an immaculate surface.

Dust Extraction - As important as the air you breathe

Festool designs CT Dust Extractors to connect effortlessly with their tools and capture fine particles at the source. This all but eliminates cleanup, creates smoother finishes, extends the life of your tools – and helps to protect the air you breathe. By these advantages alone, it’s clear to see that our system approach centers around working clean.