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Festool 115x152mm Vlies Hand Abrasive Pads

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Select grit above, from the following:

  • 100 VL Medium #201115 (x25)

  • 800 VL Superfine #497089 (x30)

Vlies hand abrasives are suitable for all light sanding and matting tasks. The pads are available in a Z-folding format and are pre-perforated so they are simple and easy to tear off when required. Wet or dry sanding is possible and applications include plastic windows, intact glazes, profiled surfaces, roof gutters and using ammonia wetting agents for washing. As with all Festool abrasives they have a long service life and do not clog.


  • Suitable for paints, clear coats, fillers, wood, metals
  • For roughening and matting old clear coats before applying new coat
  • Pre-perforated 115x152 mm pads