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Festool 205316 Edge Sanding Guide, ETS125/ETSC125

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For use with ETS 125 REQ Corded 5" Sander or ETSC125 Cordless 5" Sander 

Every edge. Simple sanding.

Every edge is different. Sometimes it is sawn or routed, sometimes it is coarse or painted. And you want to make all of them perfect. With the innovative solution by Festool, the edge sander, you can do this quickly and easily – from the first application.

  • An edge sander for every edge: Whether sawn or routed, coarse or painted
  • Machine sanding replaces manual sanding: 50% time savings for improved cost-effectiveness
  • Full-surface support prevents tipping over and sanding through
  • Adjustable sanding mode: Pull the lever and the flexible angle adjustment will be activated
  • Reliable: Even large workpieces are comfortable to sand – reproducible for the perfect edge
  • For sanding filled, painted and solid wood edges in fixed angular positions without any tipping
  • Angle adjustment: 43 to 92 degrees
  • Edge Height: 5 to 60 mm
  • INCLUDES: Standard base, base for delicate workpieces, hex key (WAF5)