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Festool 495465 MFT/3 MINI Multifunction Table

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Though this basic, shorter version of the MFT/3 is engineered especially for use with the Kapex miter saw, it delivers the full versatility and features of the Festool multifunction table system. On the jobsite or in the workshop, use the MFT/3-Kapex as a supplemental work surface for sanding, jointing, clamping, or just about anything else. The perforated top is ideally suited for use with MFT clamping accessories, and the V-groove side rails are of the same profile as the full version of the MFT/3, allowing you to use many of the same system accessories.


  • Table dimensions: 34-7/32" x 22-7/8" (869 x 581 mm)
  • Weight: 42 lbs (19 kg)
  • Work space: 32-1/16" x 20-11/16" (814 x 526 mm)
  • Working height [folded down]: 31-1/8" [7-3/32"] (790 mm [180mm])

Features & Benefits

Kapex Stand

A specially-designed height and size for use with the Kapex sliding compound miter saw.

Slip-Resistant Feet & Adjustable Leg

One leg can be adjusted to accommodate uneven surfaces, while keeping the table level. Slip resistant feet prevent table drift during usage.

Large Leg Locks

Screw knobs release the legs for easy storage and transport. Knobs are large for easy grip and stand out from the leg to protect the hands when turning.

System Integration

Works with Festool clamps and clamping elements to secure a work piece for routing, sanding, or sawing.

Grid Hole Pattern

Multiple holes in a uniform pattern are ideal for clamping operations.

Flat, Forgiving Work Surface

The insert plates are flat and make a great work surface. They are also replaceable.


At only 42 lbs., it is easy to store and transport. Folding legs for two unique working positions. MFT/3 shown in photo.


Durable materials and high quality construction for long service life.