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Festool 577100 Hose Sleeve For Planex D 36 Hose

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For PLANEX applications with extremely soft fill materials: If desired, the optional bypass function allows the extraction effect of the PLANEX long-reach sander to be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Handling is quite simple: 1) Disconnect the rubber ring from the sleeve. 2) Attach again once rotated by 180°, in order to activate/deactivate the bypass.

  • Simple ON/OFF function
  • Prevents scratches on extremely soft fillers
  • Can be switched at any time
  • Perfectly suited to all filler sanding work
  • Made from high-quality, electrically conductive plastic
  • antistatic
  • Hose connector for electric tool or suction nozzle 
  • For extremely light fillers: enables the suction effect of the PLANEX on the wall to be reduced to an absolute minimum 


  • In combination with PLANEX extractors for PLANEX
  • Perfectly suited to soft and hard filling material due to bypass function