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Shaper SR1-250 Smooth Suction Hose D27/32x2.5m

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The Shaper Woven Dust Hose is light, flexible, and durable, with a braided sleeve to prevent snagging and pulling and a versatile tapered connector to ensure optimum suction power with a wide variety of dust collection systems. Its antistatic properties make it ideal for use with Origin and the injection molded plastic ensures a long, reliable service life. Whether it's this hose, or another, make sure that you're always using dust collection when cutting with Origin.

  • Braided sleeve prevents snags
  • Lightweight and flexible for ease of use and long service life
  • Conical connector mates with a variety of DC connectors (27mm - 32mm)
  • 2.5 meter length (8.2 feet)
  • Injection molded plastic for durability and strength
  • Antistatic material to reduce static buildup during use


  • Length: 2.5m (8.2')
  • Connector Diameter: 27-32mm