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Kapex Promo - Facts to Get You Ready

January 28, 2015 2 min read

Saw BladesWith the upcoming Kapex Miter Saw promotion getting underway this Sunday, we'll provide some helpful info to get you ready. The best value of our promo is an item you may not be aware of. You won't find the Kapex Blade Set in the Festool catalog. The Blade Set provides you one each of the two wood blades Festool produces. For the month of February it will be marked down to $175.50! The combined price when purchasing the two included blades at regular price is $281. With an unspecified amount of this non-catalog item available, we have stocked a large quantity to supply our customers during the Kapex promo.


Kapex Dust Extraction

Our standard dust extractor package deals will still be offered during the promotion allowing you to enhance the benefits of your Kapex. Purchasing any of our CT HEPA Dust Extractors with a Kapex saves you 10% off of the extractor. While any of our vacuums will work, the units we suggest using with the miter saw are the CT26, CT36, or CT48.


CT Dust Extractors 


All of our vacuums include a 27mm hose which connects to the Kapex. You can further improve your dust collection by picking up a wider diameter hose. One option is upgrading to a 36mm hose. Instead of purchasing it separately, consider either the Tradesman/Installer Cleaning Set or the Workshop Cleaning Set. Either of these sets provide significant savings versus purchasing the components separately.


Another option is acquiring one of our largest diameter hoses, 50mm. A 50mm hose will not connect directly to the Kapex dust port, but attach a Hose Reducer to the port and you can connect from there. Keep in mind that the reducer is not anti-static, so if that is a concern the 36mm hose may be a better alternative for you. The Industrial Cleaning Kit contains a 50mm hose at an excellent value.