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Airstream Battery Technology

Airstream technology works by pulling air through the batteries and exhausting it through the charger. This results in much cooler air and thus faster charging times versus other systems which exhaust air through the battery.



Batteries for the toughest demands

Reduce downtime waiting for battery charging with the Airstream charging system with rapid battery cooling and charging. The Airstream charging system – a combination of the Airstream SCA 16 Rapid Charger or Airstream SCA 8 Rapid Charger and the Airstream battery pack – reduces the cooling time of the battery and thus the entire charging process by up to 60 percent. This means that battery packs are ready to use again more quickly and you can continue working without interruptions. For professionals, this eliminates the unnecessary and expensive downtime.


Batteries equipped with AIRSTREAM design cool down 3x faster than non-equipped versions so the charging process can begin sooner getting you back to work faster.


Onboard electronics of the charger feature a countdown timer so you know when the batteries are ready to go to help plan your time better. LED battery level indicators on the batteries let you know remaining capacity with a quick push a button.


Internal dedicated cooling duct helps to quickly evacuate hot air in exchange for cool air providing a faster cool-down time for less waiting and also faster charging without risk of cell damage.