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Due to massive demand, Festool has suspended this promotion.


Festool 201234 PRO 5 LTD Random Orbital Finish Sander

What is the PRO 5 LTD Sander?

The PRO 5 LTD is new version of the former ETS 125 EQ Sander (5" Random Orbit sander), with the following improvements:
  • More powerful motor – now with MMC Electronics and 250 watts – a 25% increase
  • Improved ergonomics – rubberized grip textured surfaces
  • Robust power switch – longer lifecycle with greater ease-of-use
  • Interlocking Dust Port – works with latest generation of CT Connector for improved retention
  • JetStream dust extraction – capture the dust as it is made
  • Edge protector that envelopes the pad to protect both surfaces adjacent to the sander & the sanding pad
  • Optional Longlife Dust Bag


What is included with the PRO 5 LTD Sander?

The PRO 5 LTD includes:
  • StickFix Sanding Pad - Soft
  • Granat abrasives sample pack
  • Plug-It Power Cord - 18G
  • Complimentary interlocking dust port for upgrading an older 27mm Festool hose you may own 
  • Edge protector
  • Special edition Blue SYS2 T-Loc


What is the cost of the PRO 5 LTD Sander?

Festool is offering the PRO 5 LTD at the promotional rate of $99 while supplies last. Once we run out of promotional rate PRO 5 LTD Sanders, the price of the ETS 125 Sander willreturn to its regularrate of $195. The length of this promotion will be determined by demand, which initially has been extremely high.

When purchasing the PRO 5 LTD sander we will also issue you a $50 voucher.


What can I apply the $50 voucher towards?

  • The voucher may be applied when purchasing any Festool tool from Festool Nirvana except the PRO 5 LTD Sander
  • May only be applied towards the price of a Festool tool (not accessories or consumables)
  • May not be used in conjunction with any other promotion
  • May not be applied towards a closeout or discontinued item
  • Festool reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time
  • Offer not valid where prohibited by law
  • Vouchers can be redeemed at festoolpro5.com
  • Valid from 11/1/16 to 12/31/17
  • Voucher submissions must be received by 12/31/17


Can vouchers be combined when redeeming?

Only one voucher at a time may be claimed. 

There is no limit on the number of vouchers issued per person but only one may be applied for every Festool tool you purchase from 11/1/16 to 12/31/17.


Can I purchase the PRO 5 LTD and a CT Dust Extractor together and get the normal 10% package discount off of the CT?

Absolutely. To get the full benefits of the sander we highly recommend using it with a CT Dust Extractor. A few of the benefits are: 

  • Extends the life of your abrasives
  • Removes sandeddebris from workpiece maximize the quality of your sanding
  • Reduces dust-induced tool fatigue extending the life of your tool
  • Significantly reduces airborne dust
  • Faster cleanup time


How long is the warranty on the PRO 5 LTD sander?

Just like all Festool tools, the PRO 5 LTD will be covered by Festool's 3-year warranty. The PRO 5 LTD is built to last, made in Germany with the high-quality parts and build that you have come to expect from Festool.


When will my order ship?

Pre-orders for the PRO 5 LTD sander will be shipped by Festool Nirvana as they provided to us by Festool USA while supplies last. Orders typically ship via ground shipping and notification of shipping will be provided by email.

Festool Nirvana ships all orders free of charge. We are able to ship within the contiguous 48 states of the USA & the District of Columbia.  Our centrally-located warehouse in Chicago enables us to get items to you quickly.


Contact Festool Nirvana with any further questions by email or calling us at 1-844-FESTOOL

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