Festool 202051 Polishing Compound MPA 11010 OR/0.5L


High gloss polishing formula. Silicone free formula. 500 ml bottle. Use with Festool white sponges.

Achieve unmatched surface quality with the simple and straight-forward polishing system from Festool. Color-coded polishing compounds correlate with the appropriate sponge to deliver the perfect levels of finish. Polishing compounds come in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle with resealable top with a corresponding color band to indicate which sponge is to be used with the polish. The clean and pleasant scent also provides a more enjoyable work experience without the obnoxious fumes usually associated with polishing compounds. Available in three levels of abrasiveness; medium, medium-fine, and fine, it is now easier to achieve desired results quickly.



Simple - color-coded bottles and sponges provide a matched abrasive and sponge system to deliver excellent results without frustration.

Progressive - from coarse to extra-fine, in at or waffle-face design, Festool sponges provide a consistent and uniform delivery system for consistent polishing performance.

Effective - the Festool polishing system combined with high-performance polishing machines provide a complete system from the most abrasive tasks to the highest surface qualities.