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Festool 204317 S75/4FSG/20 Jigsaw Blade (Wood-Universal) 20-pack

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Thicker than any other jigsaw blade, the Festool CARVEX is the standard by which other blades are measured. When combined with the Festool jigsaw, the S 75/4 FS CARVEX is capable of making perpendicular cuts in hard to cut materials up to 2 1/8 inches thick with speed and ease. The cross-set tooth design is ideally suited for making very fast cuts in softwoods, hardwoods, melamine, veneered plywood, and chipboard, among many others. 


  • Max. workpiece thickness: 1-3/16" (30 mm)
  • Pitch: 6-7 TPI (4.0 mm)
  • Length of cutting blade: 3" (75 mm)