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Festool 577607 T 18+3 Lithium Ion Cordless Drill BASIC

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Cordless Drills. Different by Design.

Our cordless drills look different, because they are different. Crafted to the highest level of German engineering, Festool cordless drills offer a level of quality not found in other cordless drills. From the EC-TEC brushless motors, to the interchangeable Centrotec and FastFix chucks, these cordless drills were designed to work the way you work.

Five Drills in One.

Thanks to Festool's innovative FastFix chuck system, the T-Series cordless drill is incredibly versatile and does the work of five drills in one. (1) The eccentric chuck is perfect for corners and against adjoining edges. (2) The keyless drill chuck can be used with drill and driver bits up to 1/2" in diameter. (3) For lighter weight and a more compact footprint, use the smaller, lighter Centrotec chuck with its full array of interchangeable drill and driver bits. (4) The most unique is the right-angle chuck which provides a 90-degree angle to the drive motor for tight spaces. The eccentric and right-angle chucks can both swivel a full 360 degrees with 16 locking positions. (5) The optional depth stop chuck provides consistent, precise depth settings regardless of workpiece material. If that's still too few options, you can also use standard hex driver bits in the drill with no chuck attached. The T-Series cordless drill set includes all chucks except the depth stop chuck.

Bringing The Power.

All the versatility of the T-Series cordless drill is combined with a robust design that features a long-lasting, energy efficient brushless motor, compact transmission, and electronic health monitoring. Brushless motors offer significant advantages over motors with brushes, including higher efficiency and reliability, reduced noise, and longer service life to name a few. This helps the T-Series cordless drill outperform other drills that would otherwise be in the same class. Nearly all of Festool's power tools feature intelligent electronic monitoring and feedback which makes the tool smarter. In the case of the T-Series, this technology protects the motor from overload, provides an electronic (rather than mechanical) clutch feature, and an intelligent drill mode with an electronic clutch override, as well as other innovative features.



  • Chuck capacity: up to 1/2" (13 mm)
  • Max. torque in steel: 398.3 in-lb (45 Nm)
  • Max. torque in wood: 265.5 in-lb (30 Nm)
  • Torque setting range: 4.4-70.8 in-lb (0.5-8 Nm)
  • Weight: 3 lbs 13.7 oz (1.75 kg)

Features & Benefits

Centrotec Chuck

The Centrotec chuck is designed to work seamlessly with the wide array of Festool Centrotec drill and driver bits. This smaller, lighter chuck offers better ergonomics compared to drills which only feature a keyless chuck. Simply depress the green ring on the chuck to release or insert a bit. The Centrotec chuck also accepts all standard hex shank bits with the included magnetic bit holder.

1/2" Keyless Chuck

The 1/2" keyless chuck is included with the T+3 cordless drill set. This chuck accepts standard driver and drill bits up to 1/2" in diameter. A tool-less mechanism clamps down quickly on the bit to prevent slippage.

Dual Motor Speed Selector

The T+3 offers two speed settings, which can be selected by the conveniently placed selector on the top of the drill. Changing the speed setting does not change the torque produced by the motor, which is electronically controlled. Use the speed selector in conjunction with the clutch setting to drill with full power or to drive delicate soft metal screws without damage.

Drill / Drive Mode Selector

Like all controls of the T+3, the drive/drill mode selector is conveniently located. When in drill mode, <b>the drill automatically overrides the clutch</b> to make sure you get maximum power and torque. When in drive mode, the clutch re-engages. Switch between drill and drive modes without losing your clutch setting, yet another way Festool helps you work faster, easier, smarter.

FastFix Chuck System

Possibly the most innovative feature of any cordless drill on the market, the Festool FastFix chuck system allows you to use any of the five Festool specialty chucks with your drill. Chucks can be swapped quickly and easily. The T+3 Set version comes standard with the Centrotec, Eccentric, Right Angle and Drill chucks. An optional Depth Stop chuck is also available.

Second Generation Brushless Motor

The Festool T+3 cordless drill features a second generation brushless motor. Brushless motors offer many advantages over the brushed DC motors in all other cordless drills including higher efficiency, better reliability and longer service life. These advantages allow the T+3 to outperform other drills.

Forward / Reverse Selector

Use the forward/reverse selector to switch motor direction. Quickly switch between driving and removing screws.

Electronically Controlled Clutch

Nearly all drills employ a mechanical clutch. The T+3 uses a superior, more sophisticated electronic clutch. The conveniently placed clutch dial controls the electronic clutch setting. This results in less wear on the motor and other wearable parts. When the clutch engages, the T+3 notifies you with an audible tone. When the clutch dialed to a setting below 10, the speed of the drill is also reduced automatically.

Soft, Ergonomic Grip

You probably use your cordless drill for extended periods of time. Therefore, a primary concern when designing the T+3 was making it comfortable to use. The soft, rubberized grip reduces fatigue and the drill is designed to be well balanced. The use of Lithium Ion batteries has significantly lowered the weight of the drill also enhancing comfort.

Magnetic Bit Stowage

Always have quick access to your most commonly used driver bits by stowing them on the drill. The magnetic bit stowage can accommodate up to four 1" driver bits.

Ventilation Ports

The T+3 cordless drill has strategically placed ventilation ports to reduce the chances of premature wear due to overheating. The drill also features Festool's patented MMC electronics, which monitor and protect the drill from damage and overheating.