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Festool 576799 LR 32 Hole Drilling Set In Systainer

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Hole series are always drilled with a spacing of 32 mm and a hole diameter of 5 mm or 3 mm. The hole series drilling system is a complete set for fast and simple production of series of holes for shelf supports, rear wall supports and fittings with the OF 1010 or OF 1400 router. Everything in a single Systainer.

  • Everything that you need for a series of holes at hand in one Systainer
  • With the LR 32 system – comprising the guide rail FS 1400/2-LR 32 or FS 2424/2-LR 32 and the hole drilling system – precise rows of holes spaced 32 mm apart can be drilled with the Festool router
  • The LR 32 guide rail is aligned quickly and parallel to the two side stops, which are positioned by means of an adjustable stop at the workpiece and guide rail
  • The guide rail is precisely positioned with 9, 5, 16 or 32 mm edge clearance over the stopper in the longitudinal direction
  • Centering mandrel for perfect centering of the router on the guide plate
  • Spring-loaded positioning rocker for effective operation when drilling the hole series
  • Perfectly guided through fine adjustment of the guide play and additional handle on the guide plate
  • Properly secured thanks to the supplied guide rail clamps
  • The most important hinge location cutters are already included in the set
  • Guide rails required for use with the LR 32 System are available in 55" or 95" (sold separately)