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Festool 577042 Adhesive Pad, 30-pack

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Holds to allow smooth guidance

Invented and perfected by Festool: The guide rail with adhesive pads. For straight and precise cuts when carrying out horizontal work on floors or work surfaces, as well as for applications on walls. The adhesive pads make it easy for users to secure the guide rail on different surfaces.

  • The adhesive pads can be quickly and easily inserted in the cut-outs on the FS/2-KP
  • Also remove any residue from delicate surfaces
  • Enables precise and safe sawing even in difficult positions
  • secure grip for the FS/2-KP on a range of surfaces

Adhesive pads for a secure hold

The adhesive pads are quick and easy to install in the guide rail cut-outs. Align the guide rail, press down the adhesive pads – and you're ready to start work.

In any position

The adhesive pads can be used to secure the guide rail to work surfaces, floors and walls. This means that straight cuts can be made in any position.

Remove any residue

Even on delicate surfaces, the adhesive pads are easy to remove without leaving unwanted residues and without damaging the surfaces.