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Festool 577492 HMR150/4.2 Sabre Saw Blade (Abrasive Materials) 1-pack

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The extremely durable carbide saw blade ensures maximum service life in fibre cement, gypsum fibre materials and other abrasive materials.

  • High-temperature-resistant carbide saw blade for maximum wear resistance in abrasive materials
  • Cross-set teeth for fast cutting
  • The right saw blade can be found quickly with Festool's color-coding: The color green stands for machining construction materials
  • The universal shank makes it easy to change the saw blade quickly on all reciprocating saws with an S-shank mount

Main Applications

  • Gypsum fiber or fiber-bonded materials/aerated concrete
  • Dismantling drywall constructions
  • Epoxy and fibre-reinforced plastics


  • Pitch: 5/32" (4.2 mm)
  • Pitch: 6 TPI/ZpZ
  • Length of cutting blade: 5" (125 mm)
  • Length: 6" (150 mm)
  • Width: 3/4" (19 mm)
  • Thickness: 1/16" (1.25 mm)