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Festool 225mm Granat Soft Abrasives for Planex, 25-pack

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Select grit & pack size above from the following:

  • P80 #204221 (x25)

  • P100 #204222 (x25)

  • P120 #204223 (x25)

  • P150 #204224 (x25)

  • P180 #204225 (x25)

  • P240 #204226 (x25)

For Festool Planex Sanders

Use with drywall filler and plaster. Sandpaper on foam backing ensuring a high level of adaptability and even sanding finish on soft ready-made fillers. For reliable sanding of completely filled Level 4/5 surfaces.

The GRANAT Soft abrasive for the two PLANEX LHS 225 and PLANEX easy long-reach sanders has a diameter of 225 mm. This represents a numerical sanding area of around 400 square centimetres. But, of course, it’s not just the pure numbers that produce the sanding experience and result. Especially when it comes to achieving the highest surface finishes on walls and ceilings with full-surface filling. The GRANAT Soft is perfect for such cases. It sits on a thin, soft foam base and adapts perfectly to the substrate. The GRANAT Soft thus guarantees uniform removal over the entire sanding surface, right up to the edges, and ensures a fine finish without grooves. Even on extremely soft ready-mixed fillers. The hole pattern aids extraction and – in the case of the PLANEX LHS 225 – the vacuum function.