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Shaper SA2-APPN AutoPass

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Increase speed and productivity with AutoPass – an upgrade extension for Shaper Origin routers. No more manually setting cut depths with each pass. Set a final depth once, and AutoPass will ramp into each cut and automatically retract when you’re finished. Upgrade Origin’s functionality with this optional extension. AutoPass is compatible with every generation of Shaper Origin routers.

Once you purchase a license for AutoPass through our site, you'll be given a unique activation code to enter on Origin. This activation code will be tied to your tool rather than your account. Should you need to transfer this activation code to a new tool, please contact Shaper support.

  • Increase speed and productivity
  • Automate cut passes
  • Automate finish passes
  • Ramp into each pass
  • Automatically read encoded depths
  • Fully configurable for each project
  • Prevent unnecessary mistakes