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Shaper SV1-AA Plate Universal Template

Ships: Immediately

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Shaper Plate is a universal template designed to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round corners, route system 32 holes and so much more. Designed to integrate with ShaperHub’s Hardware Catalog – a collection of hundreds of vetted digital hardware files – Plate makes it easy to say goodbye to drawers full of hardware templates you may have lying around.

  • Cut with hundreds of digital hardware files from Hardware Catalog
  • Built-in reusable Shaper Tape
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Ships with custom low-profile clamps and a custom systainer
  • Flexible alignment rails for use with custom fixtures
  • Flag and fence system to align virtually anywhere on your work surface

Expand Plate’s functionality to edge mortise like a pro with the Edge Mortising Adapter. Brings even more life to Plate by enabling vertical workholding.


  • Plate
  • Mini Systainer
  • Low Profile Clamps
  • System 32 Pin
  • Leveling Feet


  • Width: 14.25"
  • Height: 17.7"
  • Thickness: .25"
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs
  • Cut Window Width: 6.29"
  • Cut Window Height: 4.72"

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